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Max Müller Spedition GmbH
Gewerbestraße 2
D 88145 Opfenbach
Tel. 08385 / 9210-0
Fax 08385 / 9210-19

Living and working in the...

Fourcountryregion Bodensee

...Fourcountryregion Bodensee.

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This is our company ...

We are a future-orientated, medium-sized company with tradition. Based on extensive forwarding agent performances provided we are the leader within our region.

From parcel services up to complete logistics solution services we comply with the wishes, ideas, and requirements of our customers with constant quality provided nationally and internationally day by day.

Men are in the focus of our daily work. Committed staff members furnish reliable performances and ensure our customer's confidence around the clock. We maintain a close cooperation with our efficient forwarding agent partners and companies.

Based on their team spirit all members of our staff create pleasant working conditions. We train continuously to master the requirements of the market.

By exerting all our energies, knowledge and acting ecologically beneficial we maintain our customer's esteem and faith. Decisions taken on the basis of common responsibility make us flexible, innovative and stronger.

That's the way we deal with each other ...

We create an atmosphere, where all members of our staff feel well because we are open, honest, and polite with each other.

Every member of our staff treats the other one as she herself/he himself would like to be treated.

Irrespective of the job, everybody working with us is precious the same way.

We achieve our goals by working in a team as a partner.

We keep our promises given to each other.

Your contact:

Walter Müller


Tel.: +49 (0)8385 / 9210-13
Fax: +49 (0)8385 / 9210-19

Oliver Groten


Tel.: +49 (0)8385 / 9210-82
Fax: +49 (0)8385 / 9210-19


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