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Max Müller Spedition GmbH
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Living and working in the...

Fourcountryregion Bodensee

...Fourcountryregion Bodensee.

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From humble beginnings to a worldwide transport company

The first 50 years of forwarding agent Mueller since 1922

Company profile
1922 Establishment of the company by Franz Xaver Mueller in Lindenberg/Allgaeu - carriage company with horse-drawn vehicles.
1947 New construction of the company building which burnt down completely.
1961 Max Mueller, son of Franz Xaver Mueller, becomes the manager of the company (3rd generation).
1977 Max Mueller dies at the age of 47 years; his wife Mathilde Mueller becomes the new owner of the company.
1981 Walter Mueller, grandson of the founder of the company, becomes the manager of the company. The carriage company converts into a modern forwarding agent and removal specialized company.
1985 The storage/logistics field is set up successfully.
1987 Joining the DMS (Deutsche Moebelspedition ((German Furniture Forwarding Agent)) and DMS International). Establishment of the works removal business field.
1988 The company opens a branch office in Lindau (Lake of Constance).
1989 Start of the company project/logistics field of business - satellite carrying capacity carriers are transported from Friedrichshafen, Germany, to the U.S.A. (NASA, Cape Canaveral.
1990 The company opens a branch office in Kempten (piece goods, storage logistics management, furniture forwarding agent).
1992 Leaving of workers is offered as a service activity.
1993 Acceptance of greater logistics projects within the food retailer field for producers of branded articles.
1994 Project forwarding agent activities are extended - special transports with assembly and fair service activities all over Europe are offered.
1995 The company opens a branch office in Waltenhofen (near Kempten/Allgaeu) including the field of "Export and industrial Packaging Service".
1997 Construction of a modern logistics centre in Opfenbach/Allgaeu including an administration bulding and a container store.
1998 Setting up of the European long-distance freight traffic with special vehicles equipped with loading dropside and de-mountable truck body systems.

Project forwarding agent: special door-to-door orders placed with Max Mueller by the Singapore government with training courses held by the Max Mueller company in Singapore.
1999 Start of the "C items management" - direct job supplies for a great car subcontracting supplier in Friedrichshafen.
2000 The new building erected in 1997 is doubled and used to 100 percent capacity at the end of the year already.
2001 New construction of the "Logistik-Zentrum Allgaeu" (Allgaeu Logistics Centre) in Immenstadt and acceptance of the whole goods incoming logistics management for a great car subcontracting supplier in Immenstadt/Allgaeu.
2002 Piece goods traffics together with 125 partner companies within the CTL network all over Europe
2003 Establishment of the joint venture "Matrium procurement + logistic GmbH" company with places of business in Unterschleissheim, Friedrichshafen and Ulm/Donau together with EADS Deutschland GmbH und LZA Logistik Zentrum Allgaeu (Allgaeu Logistics Centre).
2004 Opening of a branch office in Friedrichshafen - Immenstaad.
2005 The overseas removal field of business is doubled; the company invests nearly 1,000,000.00 Euro for the purchase of additional vehicles.
2006 More than 1,000,000.00 Euro are invested in software, telematic systems and additional vehicles (including mega trucks).
2007 Erection of a new logistics centre building in Opfenbach to extend storage capacities being under planning activities.
2008 January 2008 move to the new logistics center, 2 - Opfenbach; commitment in Munich: 50% interest in the traditional enterprise Schindlauer moving & logistics industry in the Munich area Garching Hochbrück.
2009 Construction of the range of incoming goods inspections and Verlesedienstleistungen in Opfenbach for a major customer. Start "= JIS Just in Sequence delivery" 5 times a day. Directly to the assembly of a major customer in the automotive industry Admission by Oliver Groten as managing director in the Max Mueller Group.
2010 By mid-2010, the company is certified according to DIN ISO 14001. This environmental certification is to document the company's commitment to the economical use of all resources.
2011 By Max Müller, the AEO-F with effect from 10th Issued in October 2011.
2012 As an ÖKOPROFIT operating from the city of Memmingen and Unterallgäu receive and ECO Performance Award.
2013 Our 100% subsidiary, the Max Müller GmbH opened an office in Weingarten & Markdorf.
2014 Major project Liebherr - storage - Relocation, a total of 40,000 items were moved and claimed for the entire inventory. From late February to late May were between 20and 30 people every night in action
2015 Purchase and opening of our new logistics center in Tettnang. On the 13,300 square meter plot is a hall with 2,500 sqm of space and 600 sqm of office space, which we have leased to Buderus.
2016 Opening of a logistics center in Neukirch (near Wangen).
2017 Construction of a commercial vehicle washing plant in Opfenbach

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